The importance of dental second opinions

Dental Second Opinion in Northwest Houston

Getting a Second or Third Opinion is Important, Even in Dentistry:

It is very important that you get a second or even a third opinion from any health care provider (not just in dental) so you can better understand your diagnoses, issues and symptoms, and fully comprehend the treatment options available. With a second opinion, a dialogue between all of your providers can also take place.

When should you get a second opinion?

  • Your diagnosis is unclear
  • Your pain still lingers or even increases after treatment
  • You have several medical issues that could be contributing to your pain symptoms
  • The recommended treatment for you is too experimental or risky The medical treatments recommended for you vary in cost
  • You doubt your medical provider

On average, appointments only consist of about five – ten minutes with the dentist, and the rest is with the dental hygienist, so it is important that there are no miscommunications.

At Forestwood Dental, we will not be offended if you seek another opinion for your dental care. We are more than happy to talk to anyone on your behalf while discussing your symptoms and treatment options.