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I am completely afraid of the dentist, but since I came to this place I felt at ease. I recommend going to this place! They helped save my teeth and they really do work with you on a payment plan. Thanks again!!!
— Michael K.
Forestwood Dental Patient Testimonial 1
Forestwood Dental Patient Testimonial 2
My two sons have been coming here for a few years now. Very flexible office staff and usually their appointments are quick. My two teen sons enjoy going here so that says a lot about the friendliness and kindness of the staff.
— Jay H.
Great people, friendly, nice and clean dental office, very professional staff. They make me feel so welcome every time I go. Very honest and caring doctors. Love this place!!!! Best dentist I ever had. 😍
— Cora E.
Forestwood Dental Patient Testimonial 3
Forestwood Dental is the best dentist office I have ever been to. My son had to have an extra tooth removed and it was solid in there! They gave him shots, and let me tell you he did not move or make a noise. The tooth came out with ease! They are so skilled, also I just had to take my daughter who was deathly afraid, crying the whole nine yards. The dentist calmed her down so gracefully, did not rush her, and as he was giving her shots in her mouth, she said “I love my dentist!” As a mother it is awful to see your child scared and to see them take such special care of your children is such a relief, she had 5 teeth pulled and not a peep! They are always on time and never make you wait excellent dental team!
— Paige E.

Dr. Khoa Nguyen and Dr. Mai

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