In Office Teeth Whitening. Does It Work Better?

Professional Teeth Whitening in Spring and Champions area Houston

Recently, a dizzying array of teeth whitening products have made their appearance on store shelves and are even appearing on late night infomercials. Many people have tried out a teeth whitening product from the mail or drugstore and been underwhelmed by the results. This is something that we hear all the time. Polls have found that the typical consumer spends anywhere from $200-$300 annually on over-the-counter teeth whitening systems but remains dissatisfied with their teeth whiteness.

A number of factors go into teeth whitening results, but professionals still offer the safest and most reliable method of improving your smile. If you are unhappy with stained teeth and want to whiten them, you should consider undergoing a treatment from a professional.

Professionals perform teeth whitening treatments every day. The creation of healthy, happy, white smiles is not that difficult when performed in an office setting. It can be hard to retain white teeth due to diet, time, and certain habits like smoking, brushing routines, inconsistent flossing, and more. All of these factors can lead to stains and discoloration.

We also fully realize the negative impact that stained teeth can have on your professional, social, and romantic life. For this reason, if you are considering teeth whitening, you need to undergo the absolute best teeth whitening procedure available at Forestwood dental in Spring and Champions Areas.

Professional In Office Teeth Whitening Benefits

Having whiter teeth offers numerous benefits, the most obvious one being an attractive and brighter smile. Overall discoloration or stains will definitely dull your smile. So no matter how broadly you smile or hilariously you laugh, something is missing. Having white teeth helps to provide the piece that has been missing, leading to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

One additional benefit of having whiter teeth is enhanced oral health. When undergoing a professional whitening treatment, stains are removed, helping teeth become healthier and stronger, enhancing the general health of your gums and your entire mouth area.

Another reason that people seek out professional teeth whitening is the beneficial effect that it has on one’s romantic life. Even though the appearance of your teeth may not turn anyone off, having a whiter, brighter smile can certainly turn heads.

Additional Professional Teeth Whitening Benefits:

More Effective Whitening

You can try various products at home, but it is hard to beat the feeling of a professional teeth cleaning when it comes to getting noticed. Your dentist can offer more even results with a better and wider smile.

Faster Treatments

Most over-the-counter products require you to use their system for weeks or months before you notice any real results. A professional teeth whitening treatment can offer you brighter, whiter teeth in about one hour.


Many over-the-counter teeth whitening products lead to gum tissue damage. This can make your gums tender and your teeth more sensitive when it comes to consuming some types of food and drink.

Professional teeth whitening treatments are far safer and more comfortable because an expert practitioner is performing the treatment and checking on your progress in real time. The concentration and amount of the whitening agent can be individually tailored to your individual needs and goals. Soft tissues in your mouth will be completely protected during your treatment.