Emergency Dental Services

Dental Emergencies in Champions and Spring Texas

If you should ever be so unfortunate as to have a dental emergency, you will need the care of an emergency dentist. This type of dentist is available around the clock to care for anyone undergoing a dental emergency.

Forestwood Dental can handle your dental emergency needs

Teeth can become damaged or knocked out for numerous reasons, including trauma like sports injuries. If this occurs, an emergency dentist can replace the missing teeth. He or she will carefully replace the recovered tooth after rinsing out the socket that once contained the tooth. Our emergency dentist can use a special type of orthodontic wire to ensure that the replaced tooth remains in its proper position as it undergoes a healing process involving the formation of new blood vessels at its root.

In the case of chipped teeth, the emergency dentist has a number of devices and techniques at their disposal. Enamel shaping is one of these techniques. In severe cases, a crown or veneer can be used. Whenever nerves in the area are harmed, an emergency root canal may be performed.

Sometimes our emergency dentist needs to perform an extraction. Any tooth can become impacted, but wisdom teeth are the most common type of teeth involved in impactions. This leads to a great deal of pain in that part of the mouth. An emergency extraction is the removal of the tooth when it has undergone some type of trauma.

Tooth abscesses are another type of emergency handled by Forestwood Dental. An abscess is an infection caused by bacteria in the area of the tooth. This situation may require immediate intervention to prevent the loss of the tooth and rapid growth of bacteria that could represent an overall health threat to the patient.

What is a dental emergency?

Although a problem with your teeth or mouth may seem urgent to you, not every situation represents an actual emergency that is handled by an emergency dentist. Lost fillings, broken crowns, losing or breaking dental appliances, or a mild toothache are certainly annoying, but they are not considered to be real dental emergencies. Although they will eventually require treatment, and you should certainly contact your dentist, you should not need the care of an emergency dentist.

A dental emergency normally involves significant pain, uncontrollable bleeding, or the risk of losing a tooth. Teeth at risk include those that have been knocked out, cracked, broken, or severely compromised. In these situations, it is extremely important to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible to increase the odds of saving your tooth.

If you are uncertain whether your situation is an actual dental emergency, call Forestwood Dental and we will be happy to discuss your particular dental situation. If it is an emergency, you can trust our experts to help you on your path to healing and comfort.